Highgate front garden

This Victorian terrace front garden had become overgrown and the client, an artist and gardener herself, wanted cleaner more contemporary planting, while keeping the traditional hard landscaping. We decided to retain the lovely silver-leafed weeping pear as a dominant feature and create a strong design around that.

In a front garden it is important that the planting creates impact as an entrance and looks good all year round. The garden is built on a slope so neat box edging with Libertia rising above it ensure the garden also looks interesting from street level. In the final agreed scheme I have tried to give a sense of her love of plants and personality.

Harlesden front garden

232x174px_HarlesdenFront1232x360px_HarlesdenFront2The designer’s own garden, this south facing plot was an opportunity to finally indulge in some favourite sun-loving plants.

A new brick wall and hard landscaping of strong geometric shapes complement the aesthetics of the Edwardian architecture. A balance is struck between the formal practicality of a London front garden and Mediterranean planting. Deep flower beds are bordered with lavender balls which emphasise the structure while filling the garden with perfume. Within these borders the planting is freer and naturalistic. An olive tree provides a strong focal point.