Mill Hill garden

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232x257px_millhill_drawing232x576px_millhill_planThe client, a keen gardener, had just moved to the property but wasn’t sure where to start with the garden. From the patio a straight path led to a large orange shed, which was the main thing you saw from the house. On the left of the path was a lawn and on the right a flower bed.

As the budget was small, I suggested we retain the hard landscaping while clearly dividing the garden into three sections to slow down the journey through it. The first thing to do was paint the shed so that it became a feature rather than something to hide.

The oval lawn now forms a separate garden ‘room’ with plenty of space for planting. A weeping Cotoneaster invites the visitor to venture up the garden path. A small mountain ash towards the top of the garden is a focal point and an archway leads into the top third of the garden – a further seating area with raised vegetable beds.

Northwood suburban garden

130x424px_Northwood_plan232x428px_northwood_suburbanThis was an established garden, kept neat and tidy by a gardener. However the clients wanted something more interesting in which to relax and entertain.

A large pergola was built along the south facing terrace providing a sheltered place to sit and relax.

Beds on either side of the lawn now form a zig-zag shape that leads the visitor into the garden as through a woodland path to a secluded seating area, in the shade of a lilac tree.

Planting is largely naturalistic with points of drama and interest which change throughout the year.